National Skill Development Forum

“101 Years of Relentless Journey Towards Engineering Advancement for Nation Building”

National Skill
Development Forum

The Institution of Engineers ( India)



  • Up –Skill – Re-Skill – INDIA


  • Upskilling and reskilling professionals, workmen, supervisors and fresh graduates to stay relevant, productive, in the competition and ahead


  • To get accreditation and certification from Government body as well as National acceredation houses
  • Initially to run accredited short- term programs/courses in association with institutions like, IIMs, IITs, POSOCO, Power Grid, BIS ;etc
  • Run unique and in demand programmes in all technical sectors
  • Run online and on campus programmes for the target audience
  • Build a world class website for imparting program/course information and conducting online programmes
  • Run NSDF unique programmes /course PAN India via various IEI centers

Programme Types: 


Various programmes  which NSDF shall offer on  PAN India basis


Programmes to prepare Industry ready graduates

Special programmes designed on the requirements received from the industry or recommendations from the gap analysis studies, with a purpose to enhance the eligibility of fresh graduates  to join relevant industries.

e.g. Upskilling programme for fresh graduates to become Dye Master for Textile industries conducted in past by NSDF with Vardhman Textile Industries .


On Campus programmes

  • Three days / Week long / or month long on campus programmes e.g. simulation programmes for production engineers ; etc
  • Dedicated trainings for fresh graduates on skills required in industry to increase their employability

Online programmes

  • Online programmes which can be conducted using video conferencing facilities e.g. day programme on leadership and management ; etc

Evening programmes

  • Dedicated upskilling programmes for working professionals to enhance their productivity and help them stay relevant.

Weekend programmes


Simulation programmes

  • Upskilling programme in Harmonics analysis
  • Upskilling programme for Protection Engineers
  • Upskilling on big data analysis

Practical training exposture  programmes

  • Hands-on training programs

Design programmes

  • Design Thinking and its applications

Software development programmes

  • Machine Learning and AI based programming programmes

Prototyping – hackerspaces

  • A hackerspace (also referred to as a hacklab, hackspace, or makerspace) is a community-operated, often “not for profit” , workspace where people with common interests performs various activities.