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National Skill
Development Forum

The Institution of Engineers ( India)

IEI Technical Webinar
on ‘Green engineering, Climate change and Safety


Green engineering, Climate change and Safety words are integrated phenomena, no one can avoid this relation. Increasing global warming (GW) is the cause of CO2 emission. Mitigation of CO2 is the green engineering. CO2 is discharged maximum from thermal power station and from fossil fuel burns. To mitigate CO2, several non-conventional green engineering have been initiated, namely, H2, Solar, Hydro and Wave energy. Among them H2 and Solar energy have been considered most reliable, potential and safe. However as per compatible and user friendly green engineering, Solar takes the priority. Parallel to increasing GW, the increasing biodiversity enforced us to think more on “Green engineering’, through process modifications.

Timing: 3:30pm – 5:30pm / Date: 24-03-2021
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